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College Club Seattle has classes specifically designed for all levels of rowing. After you have completed your learn to row we aim to create an environment where all new rowers feel comfortable and get the special attention needed to develop. CCS beginner rowing classes aim to develop both technical skill as well as strength and fitness in all new rowers. It is the club’s belief that skill and boat feel is the most important aspect of becoming a good rower. Even during your time as a beginner we aim to help you master the smaller more delicate boats, as well as getting some great milage and teamwork in the bigger boats. During this stage of your development as a rower, we focus on sculling, as it is our belief that once you master this discipline, the rest is easy!!!


Tuesday & Thursday, 7:00am-8:30am




- To focus on developing excited new rowers

- To teach boat feel and coordination out on the water

- To develop the strength and fitness needed to be a competitive rower

E-mail coach for more information:

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