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Laurence Yaffe

My wife and I joined CCS shortly after its move to Lake Union, and we regularly row as the sun comes up.  I have served on the CCS board for the past two years, working on the boathouse committee to upgrade our fleet of watercraft and earlier assisting in the drafting of revised club bylaws.  I love the unique character of our club with its welcoming community of members and focus on both social and watersports activities.  I would like to see our club prosper and thrive for many more decades.  I hope to continue serving on the board and working to make the College Club a great place for all members.


I began rowing in 2009 and quickly learned what a great sport it is.  In addition to rowing here in Seattle, I have spent time on the Potomac and Danube rivers and experienced firsthand the welcoming community in two long-standing and successful rowing and social clubs, the Potomac Boat Club and the Regensberger Ruderverein.  I have raced at numerous regional, national, and international masters regattas, and am excited to be part of the ongoing planning for a new sprint regatta here in the NW which our club hopes to organize.


Professionally, I am a theoretical physicist and professor and chair of the Department of Physics at the UW.  There are parallels between chairing an academic department and serving on the CCS board: both involve a strategic planning and a focus on future goals, careful budgeting, thoughtful communications, striving to improve operations and most importantly, listening to diverse viewpoints, working to reach consensus, and endeavoring to build a strong sense of community.  I welcome your input and ask for your support in all these efforts.