carl robinson

I joined the College Club a little over 4 years ago. I had fallen in love with rowing. I took lessons at another club and after about 9 months decided to join CCS because of a few important reasons: It is more than a rowing club. It is a community. It is a social club with watersports, a lounge, gym and fun year-round events. It is a place where I can hang out and have developed warm and meaningful friendships. And, because of all that, I wanted to lend a hand. That is why I raised my hand to join the board and have been co-chair of the membership committee. That is why I want to continue supporting the club during this difficult time and as we navigate through unchartered waters going forward. 


Professionally, I am a consulting psychologist and advise senior executives and scientists on leadership and organizational issues. I have also owned a couple of retail businesses, so I have a very solid understanding of the nuts, bolts, and challenges of running a business. 


I hope you will support me in continuing helping our club be a wonderfully successful and vibrant part of the Lake Union community.