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The College Club Seattle’s club racing team is designed to create a unique environment for young adults to train and race at high-caliber events. The CCS club team is composed of collegiate and post-collegiate students who are driven to compete and train across the country. The club team is extremely goal orientated with each individual setting their goals and working as a team to achieve them. Our philosophy is to understand boat feel by spending a lot of our time in small boats. Within the group we offer both sculling and sweep rowing. We believe that if our athletes can understand how to move a single and pair efficiently, when it comes to the race season our quads and eights will excel. The environment we create in the CCS club team is young, energetic and exciting. 


- To create an environment for young competitive rowers to train together and push each other

- To increase fitness and accountability during the conditioning season to develop boat speed

- To understand boat feel by spending time in small boats

- To push and be pushed by your team mates on a daily basis

- To create new opportunities, with no goal being to small and to be supported every step of the way

E-mail coach for more information:


Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30am-7:00am



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