George Brumder

I was born and raised in Pasadena, California, attended college in the Pacific Northwest, then moved to Boston and San Francisco for work. In 2001, I moved to Manhattan to obtain my Masters degree in finance before finally settling down in Seattle for the long haul. I’ve been in Seattle now for 15 years and am raising two excellent children with my wife of nearly two decades.

I joined the College Club in 2006 to play squash, but was soon met with a rapidly dwindling membership and tough times ahead. I joined the Board in 2010 and it’s been an absolute pleasure serving you for nine very developmental years.

I’ve been fortunate enough to help steer us through the acquisition of our lovely new home on Lake Union, the hiring of the best possible management team, the development of a highly competitive rowing program, and the build-out of our fine club room and splendid new gym -- all things about which I'm personally quite proud.

But there's always more to be done. From solidifying our place in the rowing world and on the Seattle club scene, to recruiting new members (I cannot wait until we have a waiting list -- something few clubs have these days), to strengthening the social aspects of our shared "third place," I'll never run out of steam or enthusiasm, and that's something we need in our Board members.


I absolutely cherish our collective endeavor and appreciate your support as I opt to further extend my board tenure!


Fidelis Congregatio,


George Brumder

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11 E Allison Street Seattle, WA 98102