Larry Yaffe

I am a professor at the University of Washington, where I teach physics, do research on elementary particle theory, and am the incoming department chair.  I am comfortable working in highly collaborative, consultative and committee-based organizations, where understanding diverse viewpoints is essential.  I also have considerable programming, software development, and data management experience, ranging from scientific work to administrative information management and the design and implementation of database backed websites.


While temporarily in Washington DC some years ago, I was able to join the Potomac Boat Club and spent a season rowing on the Potomac River, learning first-hand how this very successful member-run rowing club operates.  I've also spent a year living in Regensburg, Germany where I joined the Regensberger Ruderverein, a rowing club founded in 1898 with a strong social component, and was able to spend most mornings rowing on the Danube.


My wife and I joined CCS shortly after it moved to Lake Union, and regularly row in the wee hours of the morning.  I was happy to serve on the CCS board this past year, and played a role in the drafting of revised club bylaws.  I hope to see the club prosper and thrive for many more decades, with a great sense of community and club spirit.

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11 E Allison Street Seattle, WA 98102