Randy Meyerson

I helped found the crew team at Middlebury College in 1988.  I had never rowed before but after 15 minutes in a leaky, warped wooden Pocock pair and I was completely hooked.  Over the next four years I did everything there is to do related to rowing in order to make the club successful: coached every level of boat, kept an old but growing fleet in repair, held every office, fundraised, worked with administration, scheduled practices and races, recruited new athletes, and so on.  The program has just celebrated its 30th anniversary and I'm currently leading a new effort to form an Alumni Association to ensure its growth and success for the future. I was thrilled to row in the Head of the Charles last year in the Middlebury alumni boat.


As for my adult rowing career, I rowed for Green Lake in the mid 90's but left the sport when the kids came along (now 17 and 19!).  The last 9 months I've been with College Club have been truly transformative for me bringing me back to a sport I love with a group of rowers and coaches who are just fantastic. I row most often with Fallon on M/W/Sat.


Overall, I find myself gravitating to the club for almost any reason - non-rowing workouts, paddling, working, etc.  I really enjoy the events (like the Holiday Party or the Happy Hours) and love seeing the families on the dock on a sunny summer day.  I love coming down with my family for a casual paddle (SUP or kayak) and meeting our friends for drinks in the afternoon.


Finally, I have been in professional roles in technology companies for the past 25 years, with deep experience in leadership, team growth, product development, partner management, finance And, as I mentioned, I'm currently in the process of board formation for my alumni rowing association, to keep the rowing program I started thriving and adequately funded. I would love to join the board of the College Club to contribute my skills to a community I care about deeply.

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