Reciprocal Clubs 

The College Club of Seattle has a long tradition of aligning ourselves with like-minded clubs around the world. These "reciprocal clubs" allow CCS members to take advantage of their offerings in exchange for us providing their members with similar hospitality while visiting Seattle. While this program has been in effect for over a century, it has been somewhat obscure in recent years as the private club landscape has been shifting worldwide.


Below is a list of CCS reciprocal clubs as of 2006. Given how much has changed since then (to say nothing of the rebirth of our own Club), this list is admittedly outdated and some of the clubs may have closed, merged, or been otherwise repurposed. Of those that remain intact, some offer dining options, others offer overnight rooms at substantially competitive rates, and others offer workout facilities. Few offer watersports, but as time progresses, we will undoubtedly seek to add additional such clubs.


If you would like to receive reciprocal benefits at any of these clubs, please:

 1) Reach out to the club directly and identify yourself as a CCS member, determine what options exist (dining, overnight accommodations, fitness, etc.), and request your accommodations. Some clubs may require a letter

from our management attesting to your being in good standing, and if that's the case, please contact Dave Plumb ( to reach out on your behalf. Others may simply welcome you with open arms.

2) Regardless of whether you end up using the club, are asked for a referral, or discover that the club is no longer in operation or has undergone a significant change, please contact Dave Plumb (  to help us keep the list up to date. 

If there are any other clubs that you would like to see on this list, please reach out to that club directly to inquire about reciprocal benefits

(as a general rule, we are not able to add clubs located less than 75 miles from our own Club).


In other words, this list is a work in progress and its usefulness will depend largely on members reaching out and providing feedback.


Happy reciprocating!