Tyler lange

I taught history at UC Berkeley and was a researcher in law schools (including a mediation project in Frankfurt), was then a human band-aid, and am now secretary of the UW's governing board and an affiliate history professor. My job is to ensure the transparent governance of a state agency/university and to get the requisite information and action to ensure integrated planning across a vast, multiform organization.


From Seattle, but born in Idaho as the product of a protracted parental ski trip, I currently row with Glory Days and am on the Boathouse Committee. I live less than a quarter mile from the boathouse with a spouse, four children, and three dogs. I am inordinately fond of rowing, books, classical music, gardening, and cocktails with no more than four ingredients. I am often found erging at 5 pm with people who are much bigger and younger than I am.


My professional life revolves around good governance, teamwork, executive performance review, organizational structures, foreseeing unintended consequences, achieving financial stability, and setting appropriate measures of the first. I look forward to bringing this experience of the complexity of decision-making and the burden of fiduciary responsibility -- and a love of watersports -- to a club towards the end of a major transition and visioning exercise, helping to complete College Club's transition from a downtown, primarily men's social club to a very different organization in a floating boathouse.

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11 E Allison Street Seattle, WA 98102