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College Club Seattle has classes specifically designed for all levels of rowing. Whether you have never been on the water or are working to improve your technique, we have a program for you!

College Club Rowing


At College Club Seattle, we don’t take shortcuts when teaching you to row. All of our programming is focused on sculling and adopts a small boat learning philosophy.  From teaching you the fundamentals of sculling in our four week Learn to Scull class to our Advanced Masters teams, we cater to all ages and abilities. 


We empower our athletes to control their environment on a daily basis. You have the flexibility to select the classes that are most appropriate to your goals and schedule. We cater our coaching to your learning style and aim to provide engaging, dynamic classes for all levels. 


Our Learn to Scull graduates are equipped to confidently handle the local waterways. We hope you consider this your introduction to a sport that will last you a lifetime


The Advanced+ Racers program is designed for our most experienced and competitive scullers. With a six day per week training plan these athletes are focused on performing at the highest possible master level within the country. Athletes within this program have gone on to win multiple medals at the Head of the Charles, USRowing Masters Nationals and the women’s sculling points trophy at USRowing NW Masters Regional Championships. 

All athletes should be extremely confident in a single scull (over 200 hours) and be able to row and average sub 2:35 steady state split.


Our Advanced Scullers have all spent a minimum of 200 hours in a single scull. The program is designed for the master athlete looking for a hard training environment with goals of regionally competitive racing. Athletes in this program have an average steady state speed over 2:40 split in the single scull and workoff a 6 day per week training plan. Most scullers compete in local fall and spring regattas, however this program is also suited to the experienced athlete just looking to maintain fitness without competing.


Rower has spent less than 100 hours in a single and has completed a prior Learn to Scull class. Class is aimed at recreational scullers focused on technique and mastering basic navigation. If you are getting back on the water after a long absence, or it’s your first time in a single, we encourage you to schedule a private lesson before joining this group.


Rower has spent over 100 hours in a single scull and is able to safely navigate the Seattle waterway. Class develops technique and fitness through a structured training schedule. This class is designed to provide more advanced technical skills and increased volume, 10-12km per session.


Rower is able to consistently demonstrate the ability to safely navigate the Seattle waterway. Class develops technique and safety, with a lower intensity volume of 8-10 km per session. This class is mostly single sculls.


Members and nonmembers are invited to learn the fundamentals of rowing in a one-person boat. This includes proper terminology and stroke technique, equipment handling, and how to navigate safely within the traffic patterns on our waterway. 


Classes have limited capacity, so each participant receives personalized coaching and individual attention to help build confidence on the water in sculling boat


At College Club we want to provide access to rowing to as much of our community as possible. We believe that learning to scull at a young age is not only an extremely fun activity, but is also the safest and most successful method of learning. Classes are kept small, so each participant receives personalized coaching and individual attention to help build confidence on the water in sculling boats. 


We are also proud to run the Seattle Prep crew team throughout the academic year.

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